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ParkiFi's spot-level, real-time parking data is changing the parking equation.

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Drive more revenue. Optimize your efficiency.

With spot-level parking data from lots, garages, and on-street parking a click or touch away, operators can access inventory and gain actionable insights effortlessly. Manage your facilities from anywhere, at any time, from any device through ParkiFi’s cloud-based analytics dashboard.

  • Better understand inventory utilization and predict future occupancy
  • Maximize your citation revenue and optimize pricing to match supply and demand
  • Integrate signage to communicate current availability and direct drivers turn-by-turn to open spaces
  • Increase your visibility and marketing to potential customers by displaying your inventory on our app or a partner app
  • Provide a better parking experience for drivers, increasing satisfaction and repeat business
Parking Operations Solution
Increased Revenue

Maximize your citation revenue with ParkiFi's enforcement module. Optimize pricing to match supply and demand.

Data-driven insights

Understand your full utilization with real-time, historical, and predictive analytics based on occupancy, turnover, and dwell time.

Flexible fee structure

ParkiFi offers operators and municipalities varying pricing models and terms, making it easy to get on the ParkiFi platform.

Unparalleled visibility

Leverage the ParkIFi mobile app or one of ParkiFi’s partner apps to broadcast real-time availability of your inventory.

Spot-level parking data. Portfolio transforming results.

ParkiFi Platform Analytics
  • Access your facility’s inventory anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Understand real-time occupancy, turnover, and dwell time metrics to maximize revenue and manage your facility more efficiently.
  • Track data across real-time, historical, and predictive timeframes to understand the whole picture.
Prioritized Enforcement Notifications
  • Integrate ParkiFi with your PARCS equipment and overlay our sensor data with your payment data.
  • Prioritize your enforcement agents’ efforts by displaying how many active violations are in your facilities.
  • Maximize citation revenue and increase driver compliance.
standalone services
  • Increase revenue by leveraging exterior and interior wayfinding signage to attract transient parkers and improve your customers’ parking experience.
  • Display your availability data on your own native application, ParkiFi's mobile app, or one of ParkiFi's partner apps via our open API.

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