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In 2014, Boomtown Accelerator graduate Ryan Sullivan learned that about a third of the traffic in busy downtown neighborhoods comes from drivers who are actively looking for a place to park. Bad parking isn’t just a personal inconvenience—it fills the streets with distracted drivers, causes avoidable pollution, and makes downtown shops and restaurants less appealing to prospective customers.

Sullivan knew there had to be a better way, so he founded ParkiFi to change the equation. Tapping into the growing power of the Internet of Things, he developed patented single-space sensors that give the ParkiFi interface up-to-the-minute data on each parking spot.

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Rolling out to cities nationwide.

ParkiFi makes parking as easy to find as your destination, for everyone, everywhere, by giving you accurate, real-time information about current parking.

  • Parking Operators: ParkiFi has launched our IoT-enabled, wireless, single-space parking sensors across the U.S. and is currently operating in over 70 locations in 6 markets. ParkiFi delivers spot-level data – occupancy, turnover, dwell time, prioritized enforcement notifications, and pricing optimization opportunities – to help you transform your portfolio, and increase your revenue.

ParkiFi creates smart, healthy and sustainable cities for everyone, everywhere.

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