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In 2014, Boomtown Accelerator graduates, Ryan Sullivan and Rishi Malik, learned that about a third of the traffic in busy downtown neighborhoods comes from drivers who are actively looking for a place to park. Bad parking isn’t just a personal inconvenience—it fills the streets with distracted drivers, causes avoidable pollution, and makes downtown shops and restaurants less appealing to prospective customers.

Sullivan and Malik knew there had to be a better way, so they founded ParkiFi to change the equation. Tapping into the growing power of the Internet of Things, they developed patented single-space sensors that give the ParkiFi interface up-to-the-minute data on each parking spot.

Denver Street Parking

Rolling out to cities nationwide.

ParkiFi makes parking as easy to find as your destination, for everyone, everywhere, by giving you accurate, real-time information about current parking.

  • Parking Operators: ParkiFi has launched our IoT-enabled, wireless, single-space parking sensors across the U.S. and is currently operating in over 70 locations in 6 markets. ParkiFi delivers spot-level data – occupancy, turnover, dwell time, prioritized enforcement notifications, and pricing optimization opportunities – to help you transform your portfolio, and increase your revenue.
  • Consumers: ParkiFi's mobile app shows Denver customers what parking is available, where it is, how much it costs, and how likely it is to stay open until you get there. And you can even pay for your parking spots directly through the app. So you can just park and get on with your day.

ParkiFi creates smart, healthy and sustainable cities for everyone, everywhere. ParkiFi has raised three rounds of funding to date, and is proud to be recognized as one of the top startups in Denver.

Ryan Sullivan ParkiFi

Ryan Sullivan

CEO & Founder

A software engineer by trade, and an entrepreneur by passion, Ryan’s favorite hobby is solving problems with technology. He started his career as a software developer at E*Trade before moving into technology consulting at Accenture and project management at Microsoft. After working in scalable software engineering solutions and technical management for Fortune 500 companies and startups, he realized his love of small business and the startup world to found ParkiFi.

Rishi Malik ParkiFi

Rishi Malik

Founder & Head of technology

Upon completing his degree in Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines, Rishi immersed himself with solving human problems with technology. He met Ryan Sullivan while they worked along side one another at SendGrid, and together they founded ParkiFi. He is now the Head of Technology and spearheads solving Parkifi's technical challenges, including everything from algorithmic advances to network infrastructure.

Richard Reisbick ParkiFi

Andy Zurcher

Executive VP of Product

After playing key executive roles in growing companies such as HomeAdvisor, 24tru and Dobot, Andy brings leadership and expertise in Product Development to the ParkiFi team.  He completed his MBA at the University of Notre Dame, and has spent over a decade leading product, design, engagement and growth teams. Andy believes in a pragmatic approach towards building a product offering, always seeking the optimal balance between the desires of a customer and the needs of the business.

Brett Petruzzi ParkiFi

Richard Reisbick


With a background in electrical engineering and a diverse career in electro-mechanical drafting, product development, and mechanical and electronic design for healthcare, energy, and A/V sectors, Richard brings a wealth of product experience to ParkiFi's hardware and R&D teams. While at Avocation Systems, his most recent venture prior to ParkiFi, Richard won three "product of the year" awards for his hardware, and managed the full product lifecycle from conception through delivery.

Brad Smith ParkiFi

Brad Smith

VP of engineering

After earning his Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, Bradley led the Infrastructure and Business Development teams at SendGrid where he met Ryan and Rishi. For over 15 years, Bradley has held crucial roles in small businesses and government. Bradley now leads ParkiFi's engineering team, building scalable, reliable infrastructure pushing parking into the 21st century.  He believes deeply in small teams, fast pace, and motivating by example. He is also a strong advocate in the open source community and an avid contributor.

Brett Petruzzi ParkiFi

Brett Petruzzi

VP OF Sales

While Brett has strong roots in Pittsburgh, where he attended Pitt, he's called Denver home for the last 18 years as he's lead teams in management consulting, healthcare analytics, information technology, and business intelligence. Brett leverages his expertise in B2B sales and his extensive background blending strategy with the people, process, and technology components of business operations to lead ParkiFi's sales efforts.

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