Mobile Payments for Parking are Here!


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Use ParkiFi Payments:

Link your Parkmobile account

Head to Parkmobile’s site to set up a free account (Basic Membership). It only takes a few minutes – just have your license plate and credit card numbers handy. Once you’ve created your account, open the ParkiFi app and tap on Payment Options in the menu. Log in to Parkmobile from our app.

We’ll automatically link your accounts, and pull in the primary vehicle and primary payment method associated with your Parkmobile account.

You can start redeeming your $5 credits for free parking immediately!

Find parking

Look for pins with a white ParkiFi logo to see which lots and garages accept mobile payments. When you get close to a lot with ParkiFi Payments, the pin will turn blue and you’ll receive a push notification alerting you to pay for parking using ParkiFi.

Tiered dollar signs ($, $$, $$$) in the expanded description show you the average price for the lot or garage. Tap a pin to navigate to your desired ParkiFi Payments-enabled location. Be sure to confirm that you are in the correct lot by double checking the street address and the parking operator – sometimes there are several lots right next to each other.

If you are driving, you can still use the Just Park button to find the closest lot with the most availability, but it won’t necessarily be enabled with ParkiFi Payments.

ParkiFi Payments are currently enabled in 19 SP+ surface lots in downtown Denver and we’ll continually add more.

Pay for parking

Simply tap the blue credit card icon. A screen will pop up asking you to confirm the length of your parking session. Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to adjust the length of your parking session, and tap “Start Payment.” All Parkmobile transactions include a $0.35 processing fee, and their rates can vary slightly from posted signage at the lot or at the kiosk.

If you have any ParkiFi parking credits on your account we’ll automatically apply a $5 credit to your payment session, and cover $0.34 of the Parkmobile processing fee.

Continue with your day

Once you’ve started your parking session, your parked car will appear within a blue pin on the map.

A countdown timer shows you the time remaining in your parking session. You’ll automatically receive a push notification when you have 15 minutes remaining.

Tap the blue pin with a car icon to get directions back to your car. When your session ends, you will receive a billing summary in the app, and several emails from Parkmobile.


Get the most from your mobile payments

Think about your activities and select the time that you need. Just like a metered parking spot, you’ll be charged based on the time you select and not based on the time you are actually in the spot. Certain lots have flat or daily rates; in those instances, you will see a disclaimer on-screen letting you know when your parking session will expire.

Only one $5 parking credit can be used per parking session and will be applied automatically to each new parking session, if available. If use a parking credit, you will only be charged a $0.01 processing fee by Parkmobile – ParkiFi will cover the rest. If a parking session costs less than $5, you will forfeit the remainder of your credit.

If you are running out of time in a lot, but need to stay longer, you may be able to start a new parking session. Tap Done Parking, and then start a new payment session at the lot.


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