Why Parking Meters Are Outdated

It's time we solve this giant problem.

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It’s no question that finding parking in cities has become a dreaded task. The high costs and low probabilities of finding a parking spot close to people’s end destinations feed into the dread, but the nearly archaic money suckers that are parking meters perpetuate the issue unnecessarily. Here are 5 reasons why parking meters are outdated:

For the parking operator:

Inefficiency. For the city, it's very inefficient to rely on parking enforcement operators to drive or walk around looking for expired meters. The likelihood of missing violations, while paying the enforcement operator, nets in lost money.

Lost business. Parking has become such an expensive, hard to come by, struggle that some people are resolving to avoid cities all together. This results in a decrease in business for parking operators, restaurants, entertainment venues, and overall, the city itself.

For the consumer:

Annoyance. Who carries coins anymore? Until every single meter can be credit card operated (yes, some are still coin eaters) does anyone want to risk having to search around in the gutters for a quarter to hold their spot at a coin-operated meter for a 2 minute errand?

Wasted Money. On a similar note, even when a meter is credit card operated, oftentimes, there is a set minimum you can pay for. What is someone needs to simply run into the post office to mail a letter? If there is a 10 minute minimum, but the errand requires only 3 minutes, you either pay for 7 minutes more than what the errand requires, or risk getting a ticket from the ever-pervasive (and rarely merciful) meter cops.

Wasted Space. Meters waste the limited and therefore valuable sidewalk/street space in the city. With drivers and bikers, and bikers and walkers, needing the streets and sidewalks, the nearly human-sized meters get in the way.

ParkiFi’s revolutionary sensors provide parking operators and consumers with real-time, spot by spot level data. This alleviates the inefficiencies that operators experience, the headache drivers experience, and the wasted time, energy and space.

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