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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critical to us. The goal of this Policy is to provide transparency in how we gather and utilize data about you. The following summarizes our website Privacy Policy.

Before or at the time of collection of personal information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being collected.

  • We will gather and utilize individual data solely for the purpose of enabling services provided to you, unless we receive the assent of any individual concerned or as required by law.
  • We will only maintain individual data for the time period required to serve the purpose of enabling services provided to you.
  • We will gather individual data by legal and reasonable means and, when appropriate, with the assent of the individual concerned.
  • Personal information will be relevant to the purpose for which it is to be utilized.
  • We will protect individual data by all commercially feasible means available to us.
  • We will promptly provide customers with access to our policies and procedures for the administration of individual data.

We are focused on leading our business as per these standards with the specific goal to guarantee that the privacy of individual data is secure and maintained.

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